First broadcast on ITV1 in 2012, The Life and Loss of Karen Woo uses footage shot by Karen herself, as well as new material, to follow her journey and explore what motivated her to risk everything to help others. A trailer follows below.

You can support the work of the Karen Woo Foundation by purchasing a copy of The Life and Loss of Karen Woo (running time 58 minutes) for £15.00 including delivery.  All proceeds go to The Karen Woo Foundation.

The Life and Loss of Karen Woo was shortlisted for a prestigious Grierson Award for Best Documentary.

“Very touching film…” – The independent
“A sad and fitting tribute…” – The Sunday Telegraph
“Heartbreaking, honest and courageous film…” – The independent


About the documentary

From 2009, Karen was working on a documentary in Afghanistan, which was to be called A Conflict of Interest. Her intentions for this piece of work were:

“.. to use the medium of healthcare to provide an in-road for people outside of Afghanistan to come on a journey with me as I explain what I am seeing. The access that a doctor or healthcare professional has to a community is unlike that available to a journalist; the trust and conversations are different. The insight is through the lens of birth and death, of loss and disability, and reflects every aspect of the consequences of conflict on individuals and on their community. The loss of nearly all elements of the infrastructure of a country; security, governance, education, transport, clean water, sanitation and power, are all visible in the health of the people”

Unfortunately, due to Karen’s untimely and tragic death, she was not able to complete the documentary.

Not wanting to see the footage Karen had taken go to waste, Karen’s family and friends contacted Century Films, an independent production company with a reputation for creating compelling, intelligent and sincere documentaries.

Exploring Karen’s motivations and incorporating Karen’s own footage alongside new material, Century Films created a documentary which was broadcast on ITV. The film was extremely well received by audiences and critics alike.