We were extremely pleased to be able to support 4 amazing, life-saving projects in 2018.

Carers and beneficiaries at the Window of Hope orphanage
  1. ECI for Window of Hope £3,000.00 The Project: Continuing to sustain and improve the operation of the Window of Hope private care home supporting 16 disabled orphans
  2. A second year grant to Healthprom.  £3,617.00 Project: For the provision and training of Community Health-Workers to improve childbirth and maternal mortality.
  3. An additional year’s grant to Warchild UK. £3,000.00 Project: To improve access to early year’s education for 540 vulnerable and marginalised children.
  4. A second year grant to La Chaine de’Lespoir.£5,000.00   Project: providing for a further 6underprivileged children care and medical/surgical treatment required.

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