National Broadcast of ‘The Life and Loss of Karen Woo’ – ITV1 Sunday 22nd May 10.15pm

On Sunday 22nd May ‘The Life and Loss of Karen Woo’ will be broadcast on ITV1, at 10.15pm

“In July 2010, Karen Woo, a brilliant young British doctor, set off to the remote province of Nuristan, Afghanistan, on a medical aid mission. She was due to marry her fiancé, Paddy Smith, later the following month. But on August 5th, three days before she was due to fly back to England, Karen was murdered along with nine of her colleagues, in the worst attack on humanitarian workers in Afghanistan for over thirty years.

Four months later, Paddy returns to Kabul and retraces Karen’s steps, visiting some of the healthcare projects she was passionate about, as well as meeting people who can shed more light on the murders. While working as a doctor in Afghanistan, Karen had also been making her own documentary film about the desperate need for better medical care in the war-torn country. The Life and Loss of Karen Woo combines Karen’s own footage with Paddy’s search to understand what happened to her, as well as contributions from Karen’s family and former colleagues, to create a compelling portrait of an extraordinary, charismatic and complex young woman, motivated by a desire to make a difference.”

The Life and Loss of Karen Woo is a Century Films production for ITV, directed by Ursula Macfarlane. Executive Producers Liesel Evans and Brian Hill.

View a Scene from the Documentary 1

View a Scene from the Documentary 2

The Screening of ‘The Life and Loss of Karen Woo’ at BAFTA

On Saturday 7th May the foundation hosted the premier of “The Life and Loss of Karen Woo”.

A Century Films production for ITV, the documentary combines Karen’s own footage of her time in Afghanistan with her Fiancé’s search to understand what happened to her.

The event was screened at BAFTA’s 195 Piccadilly location, and was attended by more than 200 supporters of the foundation.

After the screening the audience had the opportunity to put questions to the director of the film, Ursula Macfarlane, as well as two the Foundation’s trustees, Andrew Woo (the younger of Karen’s two brothers) and Paddy Smith (Karen’s fiance). This session was hosted by ITV presenter John Suchet and gave the audience a further understanding of the Foundations work, and the life of our inspiration, Karen Woo.

The documentary will be screened on ITV on 22nd May at 10:15pm.

The Foundation would like to thank all those who have been involved in the production of the documentary, BAFTA, and everyone who attended the screening on Saturday.

Devizes to Westminster Canoe Challenge – April 2011

Over the Easter weekend, Mark Hamilton and Pete Zebedee completed the legendary Devizes to Westminster canoe challenge, to raise funds for the Karen Woo Foundation.

There is still time to pledge support for this amazing feat at

Find out more about what about the challenge please visit

Brighton Half-Marathon – 20th February 2011

The Trustees of the Foundation would like to send our congratulations and thanks to Susan Lightfoot who completed the Brighton Half-Marathon to raise money for the Karen Woo Foundation. Thank you to Susan and everyone who sponsored her. What a great achievement.

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